Friday, August 28

Mixed Media Bunny

I'm a bit of an online art class junkie.  Seriously, I can't help myself!  I love watching art process videos, especially when using mediums, products or techniques I've never imagined or encountered before. 

Some of my favorite classes are given by Juliette Crane.  They always inspire me and she shares so much!  She really puts herself out there for her students.  

The last class I took from her was called How to Create Whimsical Animals and I just couldn't resist when she had her sale last month.

Here is one of my "Whimsical Bunnies" that I worked on as I was watching her videos.  I loved working with Shiva Oil sticks for some of  the background and the entire bunny was painted with my fingertips!

Also, using Bristol paper (as Juliette does) changed the game for me.  Since I don't feel the pressure of working on canvas, I am able to work through any nerves I may have when staring at the blank page.

I really enjoyed this process, I'm slowly learning how to let go and try things out... as Juliette teaches us, everything can be painted over if it doesn't work out!


Wednesday, August 26

YouTube: Mixed Media Blossom

Welcome to my updated Blog!

There have been a few changes in my creative adventures recently, and therefore I thought it would be nice to update my blog to reflect these different paths. (The site will be under construction as I learn more about the various settings.)

The biggest change since my last post, has to be my own YouTube channel!

I'm not even certain what specifically prompted me to start these videos, but I'm loving the unexpected influence the process has had on me creatively. 

Normally, when I sit down to create on canvas, it can take a day or two to arrive at the final piece, as I tend to over think every single step.  Having the camera recording helps me let go and just enjoy figuring things out on the fly! This freedom has helped me explore other mediums and even some sketching/drawing, which I've never done before!  I'm so far outside of my comfort zone, but I'm loving every second of it.  (Stay tuned for more videos in September)

I'm still learning all about video recording and editing, so hopefully as I continue to dive into this process documenting, the videos will improve in quality.

Here is the link to my first video, if you check out the channel link you will see all 5 videos uploaded so far. 

Steph xo

Wednesday, February 11

Princess Luna de Noche

Some call it a weak moment on my husbands part, I call it the best Christmas present ever!

Princess Luna de Noche. She is lovely, adorable and we are completely smitten with her. She loves with her whole heart and has brought us so much joy.

Here is my first scrap page of her, I'm certain there will be many more to follow :-)


Monday, January 19

No apologies...

It irks me when people apologize for not updating their blogs, so I'm not going to do that here. It's been a very long time since I've felt the desire to post something, so I haven't. My blog, my rules ;-)

Most days, I don't even know what purpose this space on the internet serves for me anymore. Things have changed so much! Facebook and Instagram seem to have taken over the social media aspect of our scrapbooking community (IMHO).

So, until I have things figured out (which may never happen, let's be realistic here...), I'll post some of the layouts I've been working on during the last 6 months.

Cheers, Steph xo

Sunday, October 19

Creative Scrappers Sketchbook Volume 3

If you're an occasional scrapper like me, and have limited scrappy time... then you will love these sketchbooks published by Kristine Davidson of Creative Scrappers!!!  They are wonderful to help kickstart your mojo when you find yourself pushing paper around your desk (as I often am these days!).

She has just released Volume 3 and I'm over the moon excited!  I was asked to create a layout for the publication based on one of the awesome sketches, and I chose to scrap a funny photo of Ralphie with some Studio Calico/Sassafras goodies.

You can download a digital copy of the sketchbook HERE, and see below for a discount code!

I prefer to have both paper AND digital, and there are still some sketchbooks available to order HERE.

And if these sketchbooks are new to you, check out the Digital copies of V1&2!

Happy fun!!!

Friday, July 18

More Rectangles...

Here's an update on the Scrapbook Projects I've been working on over the last few months.  I've been going through a creative block or shift lately, and haven't been as motivated to work on anything.  I dig out my Studio Calico kits and just shuffle paper around my desk... I'm tired of my layered rectangles! 

One of my favorite of all time scrappers (and awesome friend) Nicole and I were chatting about this last week, and she just said "find another shape!" ha!  It sounds so simple, but that's exactly what I'm going to do.  Really try and get out of my comfort zone... and maybe try and scraplift a few of her beautiful layouts. ;-)

For now, here are my rectangles


Sunday, May 11

Creative Scrappers Sketch #268

If you take a look at my online galleries, you may notice I tend to shy away from circles. The only time I incorporate them is when I'm working on a CS Sketch! (I guess my creative brain just likes rectangles LOL)

 I wanted to try something a bit different with this layout, so I grabbed a piece of white card stock and cut out the six circles with my Silhouette Cameo.  I used this as a stencil to create my circles using the Hero Arts Daubers (Love these!).

It still looked a bit plain, so I dug out my watercolors and got my fingers messy.  At first, I wasn't keen on the results and almost threw it in the trash.  However, I decided to wait until it dried before getting rid of it and I'm so happy I did! When it was wet it looked so gross and muddy.  I loved it once it dried!

A good "lesson learned" for me this week: no hasty decisions until my watercolors have dried completely :)

This layout was tons of fun as it includes: Letterpress (the Ampersand), hand cut star and triangles, watercolors, ink daubers, stencils and white mist, individual letter stamps and lots and lots of messy stitching!!!

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to check out the Creative Scrappers Blog for the DT reveal and your chance to win a great prize from this month's sponsor!
Have a great week,
Steph xo

Wednesday, April 30

Cool Kid

This boy and his cat crack me up... they are like two peas in a pod! Lucky has the perfect personality for a rambunctious fella like Rohan!  

Rohan has very good cat manners; he is very gentle with Lucky and doesn't tease or annoy him intentionally.  All he wants is a snuggle, and even then he doesn't push too much.  However, he is still only 6 after all, and little boys can play LOUD!  When Lucky has had enough, he just goes upstairs to his quiet place to recharge.

This paper and embellies were all part of a past Studio Calico kit... and I have to admit, I love the concept, but I really struggled with this beautiful graphic design paper. 

Sometimes I think I'm just in a scrapbook rut, in that when something is outside of my wheelhouse I can't figure out which direction to take.  Sure, I got the layout done... but I feel like I haven't "wowed" myself in a long time.  You know that feeling when you are finished a layout and you can't wait to show someone else because you are just so thrilled with it?!  Yeah, I haven't really had that lately. 

I'm sure it will pass... I probably just need to find more time in my Scrapbook space and work out those creative blocks.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 28

Cat In the Hat

I've been collecting Blythe dolls this past year, and one of the trendy items to outfit your doll with are these beautiful critter hats by Sweet Days.  When Ingrid posted this pink cat hat I just had to have it!

It was just by chance that one day when I was sorting through my Blythe hats, and poor Ralphie was sleeping on my desk, that I noticed the hat would probably fit him.  Well, it's safe to say that Blythe doll heads are about the same size as a Persian Cat's head!  haha! 

Since that day, whenever I receive a new Blythe hat, Ralphie has a little photoshoot with it first.  I have to schedule them just after a nap while he's still groggy, but I don't think he minds much anyway ;-) 

I dug out one of my favorite kits for this layout: Studio Calico Sugar Rush  (They still have some of the SC patterned paper left)

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great week!

Sunday, April 27

Creative Scrappers Sketch 267

Here is my take on yet another fabulous Creative Scrappers Sketch!  I really enjoyed working with this two photo layout.  I struggled a bit with the color combo since the photos have such a bold background, but all in all I think it worked out well :-) 

These Photobooth photos are one of my absolute favorite things about a S&CT Crop and Create!  The floral backgrounds are always the same, so the only way to really tell which photo was taken at which crop is by our clothes!  (Ahem... I've been known to wear shirts to the crop that match the photobooth LOL)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and be sure to visit the Creative Scrappers Blog to link up your take on this week's sketch for a chance to win a prize from this month's sponsor Scraptastic Kit Club!

Also, CS is having a DT Call so while you're linking up your layouts on the blog, why not apply to be a part of this wonderful team!